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Company Info


DEUX LA MAREE incorporated in 1985 in “ASAKUSA”
in Tokyo Japan starting from shoes factory.

In 2004, we’ve launched a brand “MANA”, having a high quality of hand technique.
Since then, we concentrate to have the design into form.

We have three main philosophies.

1. Upper most important material, “leather”.
All leather has its own texture.
We focus to make the shoes to use the upmost texture of the leather.

2. The shoes that you could feel the warmth of the hand technique and craftsmanship.
Non-other factory made shoes could not create the sensibility of ambiance shoes.

3. Our mission is to reach out to the customers with our high quality shoes
whith respect to nature’s blessings.

With designer/director Yuko Imanishi at the head of the list,
we are aiming for the company as above.

Leather has a wonderful life force.
By our finishing technique, we brign up the rich texture
and with time, becomes more beautiful.

Our well experienced masters support our shoemaking.

In 2010, we established a factory in far land, Bangladesh
in order to gratify our customers ever before.
As for now, we are making the brand “yuko imanishi+” and many more.

We support for regional vitalization in ASAKUSA/TOKYO.
Also, we hold our own factory in Bangladesh
which provides an opportunity for employment and concentrate
on C.S.R by donating stationaries and soccer balls for the elementary school
around the neighborhood to support the growth of children.